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Foodservice Program
A program for food companies selling into the foodservice categories, including restaurants, schools and universities, B & I, Healthcare, etc.
Food Ingredient Program
A program for food companies who manufacture/process food ingredients whose primary targets are in R & D
Gourmet Food/Gift Food Program
A program for companies who sell to gourmet food stores, gift shops, retail, over the Internet; selling to retailers, consumers and corporate gift buyers
Consumer Products/Home Décor Products
A program for companies making consumer oriented products, sold through retail and Internet and targeted primarily to the female buyer
Manufacturing Program
A program for manufacturers of industrial products, sold to OEM’s or Systems Integrators through sales reps, rep firms and distributors
Small Business Program
A special program for small companies with less than $5 million in revenue who are selling through a channel, on the internet and/or direct to consumers/buyers who are interested in generating growth in their businesses and have the special needs of a small business
Architects/Builders/Construction Products Program
A program for companies selling construction products and services to architects and builders who are typically speccing in products in the design phase of construction
Professional Services Program
A program for professional service providers who sell direct to their clients


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