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Learn more about PR success through these well-known brands.† Their PR strategies have paid off big-time and have paved the way for all companies, large and small, to ride the PR wave.



Starbucks has long been known as the poster child for growing a company fueled by Public Relations.† Theyíve created strong buzz and word of mouth interest through their unusual, and ever-changing, product line, their locations and interiors, their embrace of "green" and their additions of select CDís.† Before Starbucks, a cup of coffee was a "cup of Joe," but Starbucks changed that forever.

Hereís an excerpt from their web site that shows their style and tone of communication:

"The bottom line we always figured that putting people before products just made good common sense. So far, itís been working out for us. Our relationships with farmers yield the highest quality coffees. The connections we make in communities create a loyal following. And the support we provide our baristas pays off everyday. Read more about our unusually human approach to business in the 2005 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report."

Learn more at:


Jones Soda

Nobody hooks into the consumer experience and interaction quite like Jones Soda does.† This unique soda company has used PR to get the word out about their use of consumerís photos on their soda bottle labels.† Consumers love seeing their photos in the stores and everyone is invited to submit their favorite photo.† Click here to check it out:†

Theyíve continued to grow as a PR powerhouse through distinct product releases like one yearís Thanksgiving soda flavor of "Turkey and Gravy."† Iím not sure if anyone ever drank the soda, but they showed up in every major print and broadcast venue with that unique flavor.

Their story is truly unique ( and itís interesting to go back through their press release files and see their evolution.† They have always been innovative in product flavors and it makes for great press coverage.


Dancing Deer

Your first visit to Dancing Deerís web site wonít be your last.† And, thatís because youíre going to have an overwhelming desire to sample all of the mouthwatering goodies youíll see there.†† Creativity in baked goods reaches a new high at Dancing Deer and they have a sweet story to tell.

Beyond their recipe for great baked goods, though, this company had a great recipe for success in their use of PR.† Theyíve been consistent in spreading the word about their products and they have tons of whimsy and flair in everything they do.† Click here ( to see more.



For over 100 years this "brand on steroids" has been "the good, the bad and the ugly" example for creating a badder-than-you image and loving it.† One quick visit to the web site ( and you are immersed in attitude that is 100% testosterone.

Through good days (the turnaround in the 90ís) to bad days (biker gangs that ran afoul of the law), Harley-Davidson has pushed its image and reputation through the press and created headlines galore.† Go to their web site and click on the Experience button to see more.


Red Bull

Hard charging and in your face, Red Bull blew the energy drink category wide open with its super-charged product, different shape can and new product positioning.† This was no tame soda Ė this was a new "all-nighter" drink not for sissies and old people.

Red Bullís trip to the top hasnít been all roses because their success has bred many competitors.† But theyíve established a loyal following with a culture ( thatís irreverent, fun and full-out creative.† Check out the Art of the Can (www.redbullartofcan.US/) to see some amazing Red Bull can sculptures.† The brand continues to generate press even as it battles tough competitors.