North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #141 - Do You Use These Critical Sales Phrases?

Do You Use These Critical Sales Phrases?

Many of us waste a lot of sales time not getting to the critical issues at hand. Here are several high-performing phrases from Bill Caskey of Elite Selling to use early in your sales process to save you and your prospect some valuable time.

  1. "What would you like to accomplish today?" This one question will save you hundreds of hours a year from working on things that don't matter. Asking this question is a way for the prospect to share his problem with you and shows him that you are a master at getting to the issues.

  2. "Is there any financial impact to this problem?" By asking this question, you will start to learn what the financial consequences are for not buying so that when you present a solution you can connect it to the pain of an unresolved problem. High achieving sales professionals deal with money more elegantly and eloquently and want to talk about money early on.

  3. "Let's do this." This statement lets you talk about the next step in the process as you're moving toward the sale. You may require homework on your end; your prospect may need to collect more data. Either way, as a master salesperson you can direct the process to move to the next step.

  4. "Here's how we typically work." Lay out your process for getting to solutions. Position yourself as an expert - not just a master sales professional, but also an industry expert. Experts have processes and procedures. If you don't have a sales process, develop one.

  5. "I have a sense that..." If you're 30 minutes into the sales call and the prospect hasn't shared any problems or pains, you might want to say "In the first 30 minutes I haven't heard anything that's a really compelling reason for you to change from your current supplier. I have a sense that if things just continued on it wouldn't be all that bad." Give your prospect an opportunity to react. By putting your observations on the table you've opened the conversation for authenticity.

Mastering these phrases will elevate your sales professionalism. Start now and make the rest of 2010 a great finish.

Talk to you soon,

Kae G. Wagner
Kae Wagner
President - North Star Marketing
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