North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #136 - Marketing Myths You Should Throw Out the Window

Marketing Myths You Should Throw Out the Window

1.) Marketing is a department.
Marketing is a core function that cuts across all departments in your company. Everyone in your company is a marketer, whether they know it or not. From the moment the phone is answered to the moment a product or service is delivered, there are many "touchpoints" where your employees play a key role in this buying of your brand. A healthy regard for the function of marketing is important so that every point of contact is a positive interaction. It's how you create the brand experience.

2.) People won't notice my message.
There's lots of clutter in the mailbox, the in-box, on the radio and TV, so the novice marketer may be inclined to give up after the first try. But in marketing, you should never quit. Repeat your message so many times that you are sick to death of it. That's just when the market is beginning to notice. Never quit.

3.) Cold calls are a necessary evil.
Don't ever make another cold call in your life. Instead, use your marketing skills to warm up your customers and prospects so that you're making "handshake calls" instead. "Handshake calls" are when a prospect knows who you are, wants to see you and starts the meeting with an extended hand instead of a deaf ear on the phone. Warm up your meetings with pre-call marketing messages that give him the information that's needed to welcome you as a prospective vendor.

Don't let these myths sabotage your sales and marketing efforts: Throw them out the window and get started with the real work of marketing.

Talk to you soon,
Kae Wagner
President - North Star Marketing, Star Speakers
Award-winning Author, Speaker

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