North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #132 - Don't Let the Big 7 Get You Down

Don't Let the Big 7 Get You Down

You thought you had a comprehensive, well thought-out marketing campaign. But it seems that your customer, your employees and your sales teams aren't buying in. The results you hoped for just aren't there.

You may need to back up and take a look at the foundation of your campaign. North Star Marketing has put together a list of the most common Mistakes and Oversights in Marketing to help you figure out what's going wrong. Here's the Top 7:

#1 Lack of Research
Very few businesses have a good grasp on what their customers need from them. Get their input. Find a need you can fill and then fill it better than anyone else.

#2 Marketing Without a USP
Your Unique Selling Proposition - USP - is what makes you stand out from the pack; different than your competition and more valuable to your customer. Everyone in your organization must be on board; know it, understand it and be able to communicate it. This is your competitive advantage; it is the first step in creating your brand. Every single piece of marketing material you create must communicate your USP.

#3 Inconsistent Brand Messaging
Good brand communication is consistent. All of your marketing communications should have the same personality and style no matter what the tactic, the customer or the person conveying it. Inconsistency in your company's positioning language can make your customer unsure of what you stand for and what you have to offer.

#4 No Marketing Strategy
Find your target customer and aim there. Knowing where your product has the most relevance and competitive advantage is key to marketing success. Having a clear strategy will optimize your marketing mix by targeting your customer and determining what marketing vehicles are pertinent to them. Using a diverse mix of marketing vehicles that's right for your target customer will maximize your sales opportunities.

#5 An Unclear Message
The most creative marketing plan is worthless if your customer doesn't get it. Keep your messaging simple, concise and clear. If it appears forced, confusing, is too subtle or too long, your customer will tune out.

#6 Marketing and Sales Efforts Not on the Same Page
Take the needs of your sales team into consideration. You can develop the most creative and beautiful marketing materials, but if the sales team doesn't understand it or use it, you've wasted your money and lost revenue. Keep your sales team in the loop. They are a great source of insight into your customer and what they are thinking.

#7 Not Keeping your Current Customers Top of Mind
About 80% of your business comes from your existing customer base. Many times growing relationships with current customers falls to the wayside when marketing campaigns become too focused on new customers. While both customers are important, it will cost you about five times the expense to sell to a new customer than to sell to an existing customer.

If you think your marketing campaign is falling short in any of these areas, we'd be happy to sit down with you and evaluate your plan. North Star's brand specialists have the experience and tools at hand to help optimize your marketing tactics, ensure you're sending out the right message and hitting your target customer. Give us a call at 717-392-6982.

Bowen Smith
Executive Vice President

P.S. To arrange your evaluation, contact me at or 717-392-6982, ext. 100.

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