North Star Marketing - Marketing Tip #129 - Top Five Reasons Why Most Websites Fail (Part 2)

Top Five Reasons Why Most Websites Fail (Part 2)

In the last Marketing Tip, we took some time to address a cold, hard truth: The vast majority of websites achieve only a small fraction of their marketing potential. We started a countdown of the five critical mistakes that undermine the effectiveness of a website, and even suggested a little exercise: taking a look at your own site through the eyes of a first-time visitor (a bit more on that later).

Before we unveil the top reasons that websites fail, here's a quick recap from last issue:

5. "It's all about me" - Websites that fail will often focus on the company rather than the customer.

4. Lack of a clear plan - Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? Still, most sites don't establish a clear plan to convert visitors to customers.

3. Poor messaging - All too often, companies neglect or poorly communicate the critical details that convey brand and value to visitors.

Wow. I just read those again and they sound pretty bad, don't they? Unfortunately, they're common -- take a quick look at a few sites in your industry, and you'll find plenty of examples.

But there are two more prominent reasons why websites fail - fundamental miscues that create barriers to success. Without further adieu, our top two:

2. Total disconnect - A company website often lacks the internal attention and/or support of key team members. Often, company leadership views its web presence as something distinct and separate from branding, marketing and operations. This lack of integration not only squanders a valuable tool, it also sends mixed messages to your target audience.

1. Not once and done - As we said last week, every company has a website - and most have good intentions. But the sites that fail often suffer badly because companies simply neglect to devote sufficient resources to their success. Websites must constantly be updated for both the visitors to the site as well as the search engines. Every time you update your site, it is more appealing to the human eye and the search engines increase your ranking: a win-win situation. However, if you believe a website is a once and done ordeal, then your site may become a source of frustration rather than a source of revenue.

Now that we have our top five, let's get back to that little exercise: Go to your own site and do your best to pretend it's your first visit ever. Does it meet your expectations? Push you to learn or do more? Give you any "wow" factor? What is the call to action?

If you feel less than positive about the answers, you're certainly not alone - or beyond help. Let North Star Marketing provide a no-cost Web evaluation. It's the first step on the path to success.

Bowen Smith

P.S. To arrange your evaluation, contact me at or 717-392-6982, ext. 100.

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