7 Key Web Site Indicators

"Things are just O.K." Unfortunately, we hear this often about a company's web site performance.

If you hear yourself saying this and your company's web site is up and running, it obviously isn't doing what you need it to do: attracting the customers, leads and prospects you want - or expect.

So, ask yourself:

  • Are people finding my site?
  • Is the traffic meeting my expectations?
  • What is my ranking with search engines?
  • How is my conversion rate?

To maximize its potential, your web site needs to be:

  • Well organized and appealing
  • Optimized for search engine crawls and conversions
  • Operating on a platform which is easy to maintain and can grow as you grow

Leads, requests and inquiries from your web site and other marketing tactics are essential to your growth and success. If your web site is not meeting your expectations - or your customers' - can you wait to update?

Your competition is not waiting.

Stay ahead of the game. Download the North Star Marketing White Paper: 7 Key Indicators of an Effective Web Site - then let's set up a time to do a free assessment of your web marketing initiatives, 717-392-6982, ext. 100 or

Bowen Smith
Executive Vice President

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