A steward is one who takes care of and increases the value of another’s assets. That’s what we do at North Star Marketing. We increase the value of our clients’ companies through marketing and branding.

“Consider it done” attitude
When a client has a request, you should hear “Consider it done” followed by lots of questions. A willingness to find a way to get things done is the mark of a North Star Brand Specialists.

“Elephant in Chicago”
If a client asks us to have “an elephant in Chicago” by next Thursday, the first answer is “Consider it done.” The next critical function is to ask lots of questions to see what that really means. The art of questioning and listening intently kicks in here to begin to formulate a plan that will work, bringing to bear all of the resources required to produce the result.

“Turn on a dime”
We have always been masters at getting work done incredibly fast. The ability to produce quickly, when other agencies haven’t been able to, is a key differentiation for us. We can get work done and produce results faster than anyone we’ve ever been up against. This ability to work fast does not deteriorate our quality or creativity, in fact it aids it because everyone stays sharper.

New ideas/solutions
For our clients, we carry the responsibility and accountability of bringing new marketing ideas and solutions to the table on a regular basis. We take on the responsibility of balancing a commitment to the plan with the introduction of new strategies and tactics.

Everything we do is measured and tracked and reported internally and to the client. This is how we achieve accountability, both in terms of financial return on the investment as well as specific results as measured on the tactical level.

Interaction + Discovery = Memorability
This formula is the basis for our creative product. By getting the consumer of our creative product to interact in some way with the creative and to have a discovery about the product/brand/service, we will achieve greater memorability and awareness, which is the first step in building a brand.