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Best-selling author Chuck Blakeman presented to a sold-out crowd in February and will be returning in the summer. Don't miss the next workshop, but in the meantime, read the book and join a 3to5 Club. Learn more about his book.

"Making Money is Killing Your Business: How to Build a Business You'll Love and Have a Life, Too"

You may have missed the workshop but you don't have to miss the benefits of best-selling author Chuck Blakeman's book, "Making Money is Killing Your Business."

A natural outcome of reading Chuck's book and attending his workshop is for Small Business Owner's to become members of a 3to5 Club, where they work on the principles in the book in a group of 24 other Small Business Owners. Led by a trained facilitator, the group makes monthly progress on getting to their Business Maturity Dates by working on the fundamentals taught each month.

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So tell me, why should I buy your brand?

You have quality products, great customer service, and a long list of satisfied clients that give you gushing, over-the-top reviews.

Wow, that's impressive. But guess what? Your competition just told me that 10 minutes ago. Sorry, no sale here.

Let's try again — Tell me, how is your brand UNIQUE?

Being unique gets attention, and getting attention means sales. Here at North Star Marketing we discover what makes your customers buy from you. That's the secret to unearthing how your brand is Unique.

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